What version of Local am I running on my Windows 10 machine?

Hi Folks,

I’m running local on my Windows 10 box.

I consider myself to be rather Windows astute.

I cannot find what version of the software I am running, nor can I find any type of ‘Check for Update’ option.

What am I missing?


I don’t think your missing anything, I wondered the same thing. the version # is not in a normal location like: help or about.

Flywheel local is supposed to auto-update but I hadn’t seen any changes in a while and just rolled the dice and installed the latest download from their website and there are some changes but as far as I can tell still no version # avialable anywhere.


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Update: the latest version now has a “About Local” menu item which shows the version # and you can check for updates, although the check for updates doesn’t appear to actually work because I am running version 2.2.3 and there is a new version out.


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Well I’ll be … ain’t that purdy.

Thanks for the heads up @GoodKarmaKid