FireFox 57 (Quantum) Not recognizing SSL

Updated FireFox (on Mac) and the new version doesn’t recognize Local’s self-signed certs. Chrome and Safari still recognize it, so must be to do with new FF security settings. Any ideas?

Hi Caspar,

My guess is that Firefox isn’t reading from the system keychain and has its own keychain for trusting certificates.

With that said, you can click on “Advanced” » “Add Exception” » “Confirm Security Exception” to achieve a similar effect.

Here are screenshots of that flow:

Thanks, Clay. I’ve added the exception, and FF now allows me through to the page. I still get a warning on the address bar. I’ve attached a couple screenshots of what I see here. So it’s workable, but would be nice if these can eventually go away! :slight_smile: Thanks again.

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Hm. I always had these, I seem to remember, in Firefox and Chromium.

This is still an issue in Firefox (version 59). Chrome and Safari both trust Local’s certificates but Firefox doesn’t.

It makes SSL testing more difficult, because there is always a warning in the browser toolbar.

Hey Simon,

Just to confirm, if you confirm the exception does the site still load fine? The main hangup is the padlock with the yellow warning triangle?

Yes that’s right, it loads but with the triangle.

So in Chrome I can easily check that all assets, scripts, etc, are loaded over SSL, because it shows a green padlock, but in Firefox I can’t easily tell because of the warning on every page.