Flywheel 2.2.0 Hanging

Hi Guys,
My Flywheel 2.2.0 has started to hang on start up please see me log attached

Hi Mark,

Thanks for testing out the 2.2.0 pre-release.

Can you please try the following?

  1. Close Local if it’s running
  2. Open up VirtualBox
  3. Right-click on local-by-flywheel
  4. Go to Close » Power Off
  5. Re-open Local

If that doesn’t resolve the issue you may need to restart your computer and attempt those steps again.

Ok, thats back up and running now. One more thing, i am able to access the admin locally but the main site diverts me to the live copy. I have changed the define(‘WP_HOME’,’’);
define(‘WP_SITEURL’ ,’); in the wp-config file but it is still diverting me to the live site when i view it?

Any ideas

Hi @uniquesolutions

Someone else was experiencing a similar issue with redirecting to the live site, and I provided an answer which seemed to have helped here