Get notified when someone views my Live Link

Since I use the Live Link feature to show clients a preview of their website, it would be awesome to get a notification when someone views my Live Link. Possible?

Hi @kbarmettler - Thank you for creating this feature request! I’ve passed this along to the team to look into. We’ll monitor this request for any other interest and comments from the community as well.


As a web designer, I create websites locally with Local on my Mac.

When the website is finished for a client, I use Live Links to give them the opportunity to review all pages of the site before publishing online and to send me corrections and changes.

Here it is helpful to log if, when and how long the client has looked at the Local website, so that I can then contact them and talk through their requests for changes.


Local Product Designer here. This is a great thought. Something I will keep in my back pocket. Thanks!