Getflywheel very slow after Mojave upgrade

Getflywheel was working just fine then upgraded to Mojave.

Now it takes 20 seconds to load a local page.

Steps taken:

  1. Upgraded to getflywheel 3.0
  • No affect
  1. Preferences->Advanced I turned off Faster Docker Volumes
    No affect

  2. Restarted computer
    No affect

  3. Change domain from .local to .test
    No affect

No error logs

Any suggestions?

My pages are taking 20-30 seconds to load with v2.4.5. Tried restarting Local, restarting Mac, closing all other apps - no help. However, although it does take long to load pages, everything seems to work fine otherwise, so I have reservation upgrading to 3.0 until I have a look at what’s broken now.

I’ve switched back to Docker: I’ve submitted a bug report and asked for help several times without any luck. Hopefully they fix the issue.

@brs @NdnaJnz,

Sorry about this!

If you enable Faster Docker Volumes under Preferences » Advanced does it remain enabled or does it disable itself if you navigate back to Preferences » Advanced after a few minutes?

Also, if all sites are running slow, try going to Help » Restart Local’s Machine.

Yes I’ve pressed “Apply” and can toggle the “Faster Docker Volumes”

No - IP6 Loop does not toggle.

No Restarting / Reinstalling does not affect the speed. It is painfully slow.

No there are no logs that help.

No the community has not given any useful suggestions.

Why is this happening?

I’m facing the same problem. I’m using version 3.0.4 and have been tolerating slow speeds for a long long time (earlier versions too).

None of the changes suggested seem to help and I’m now seriously considering moving to something that gives fewer headaches (maybe even CLI based tools like Devilbox).

Local seems great from the usability perspective and looks fantastic but it’s all irrelevant if it doesn’t work and for me, the slow speeds are just not working. I’m just about on the verge of losing my sanity with a lot of client work remaining incomplete because of Local.

What’s even more frustrating is that replies on the support forums also seem to have stopped coming. I hope that is not because of some chip on the shoulder as this is free software. You guys have done a great job in the past but it will not matter if Local by Flywheel starts creating more problems than it solves, as it is doing now.

Really sorry to be harsh, but I am suffering way too much because of this. Sorry.

Even though it a really old post - I second these problems… Still relevant today. Everything moves extremely slow, no matter what i tried.

Hi @kralgi,

Sorry for the slow speeds!

Have you tried out Local 5 and newer? You should see a significant speed improvement over previous Local versions.