Getting error when instaling plugins again and again

Hi there, from one day to another im getting errors again and again when trying to install pllugins.

First I get an error from 504 nginx and decided to change to apache, but once in apache in a duplicated site I get the error that the plugin already exist but this is not true?

What I need to do.

I am on a toshiba, windows 8 and using chrome.

Any ideas?


Hi Rafa,

Sorry for the trouble!

Is this happening with every single plugin that you try to install?

Exactly, it happens with every plugin, and is a brand new instalation, I
even try to desactivate all the plugins but is still giving me that error.

Any ideas?

Can you please screenshot the error you’re seeing?

Also, I would check the logs folder for that site. Specifically, the Apache and PHP logs.

How do I check the logs folder?

I am brand new using local instalations


Hi Clay,

here is a printscreen of the error when trying to instalating yoast in the
nginx site:

I attached you the folder log errors from that site.

If you could tell me whats happening I will appreciatte.