Experiencing multiple errors with sites in Local

Hi there, I’d be very grateful to anyone who can help.

Yesterday I happened to check the Site Health of a site I’m working on in Local (Windows 10). It listed REST API and loopback request errors, as well as ‘A scheduled update is late’ (which seemed to be to do with WooCommerce) and ‘background updates may not be working as expected’.

Additionally, I have been encountering multiple errors in Local - please see images attached. These are happening: 1) when I stop any site in Local, 2) when I start a specific site, though others start up fine*, and 3) when I try to update to the latest PHP version (as this was another warning listed in Site Health), which has worked for some sites and not others.

I’m not sure if all of these things are connected, but clearly something is wrong. If you need more information, please let me know. Thank you.

*ETA: The sites that fail to start up seem to be the ones where the PHP upgrade has failed. I am no longer able to access these sites.

error1 error2 error3

Hi Rebecca,

I’m so sorry for the trouble!

The screenshots are very much appreciated. Can you also provide your entire Local log file? That should allow us to see what’s going on in sequence.

With the sites that are failing to start, what happens if you right-click on them and go to “Clone”? Does the cloned site start correctly?

Hi Clay,

Thank you very much for your swift response - I really appreciate it.

The log file is attached. Cloning the failed site(s) results in another, similar error (‘Uh-oh! Unable to provision site. Error: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘socket’ of null…’)

One thing I have noticed is that, as well as the Local folder in appdata, there’s a Local by Flywheel folder - perhaps left over from a previous installation. Could this be causing issues? This said, I’ve had the new version of Local running for at least a month or two, and have only now encountered these errors.

local-lightning.log (307.6 KB)


I’d be really grateful for some help with this, as I’m currently not able to work on several projects. If you need any further information, I’d be glad to provide.

Thank you!

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