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Google Chrome no longer accepts SSL certificates

Bug Report
Since I updated to the most recent version of Local, Google Chrome no longer trusts the majority of local websites. I’m not sure if this is an issue with Local or more specifically with Google Chrome (I couldn’t discover anything in their bug reports). With Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, it functions properly (which ironically is Chromium based).

Steps for replication:
Make a new website.
Utilize the Local UI to trust the website’s SSL certificate.
Change the home/site URL to https by logging into the WP admin.
the website with Google Chrome once more It’ll be noted and
Environment Information:
Window 10
I also have the website Tripp Shrooms that have same issue. tell me how to solve.

Hi there @charlimandi - welcome to the Local community!

Please refer to this thread about Chrome + SSL where Austin offers up a solution:

I’m going to merge this thread there to keep the forums clean and all in one place.



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