Hard disk is filling up rapidly when Local is running

Local is running perfect, but my hard disk is filling up like crazy, about 3 gigs per minute. I’ve tried installing a Local website on an external disk, but that doesn’t change my Mac disk space from shrinking.
It stops the second I switch of Local.

I can’t find anything about this, is it a bug?

Cheers, Basil


I ran OmniDiskSweeper and found Locals mysql raw data binlog files are very big. These are all 1.1GB and a new log file is added every minute or two. I think these will automatically be deleted after some time. I understand that binary log files are needed for data recovery, but I’m not sure why these files are so big and why there are so many of them?!

Anyone an idea?


I have the same problem.
Did you solve the problem with binlogs?

Hi all,

MySQL has a default binlog size of 1GB.

If you wish to reduce this, you can adjust it using the max_binlog_size config variable.

Here’s how you can reduce it to 256MB:

  1. Navigate to your site’s conf/mysql/my.cnf.hbs file
  2. Under [mysqld] add max_binlog_size=256M and save the file.
  3. Restart your Local site

Thank you Clay, but reduce the binlog size is not a solution, my disk will continue to fill up every minute.

My solution: I had to disable the binlog by adding skip-log-bin to conf/mysql/my.cnf.hbs file.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing what worked for you!

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