Local is filling up the hard disk in my MAC

Hello, I just have moved to Local 6.11. Since them, it is creating large bin.log files on my HD (1,08GM).

I have tried to disable the binlog by adding skip-log-bin to conf/mysql/my.cnf file as suggested here:

But Local removes this file and creates a new one every time I restart a site, so this solution is not working for me.

My Mac is running under macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Attached is the local log in case it would help.
local-lightning.log (487.3 KB)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey @Cafelog , Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Local does overwrite the configuration file everytime the site is restarted.

Just to clarify, the file you want to edit is the my.cnf.hbs file and not the regular my.cnf file associated with the site. Here’s a screenshot to visualize:

Can you verify that the setting is being added to that .hbs file?

Hi Ben, thanks for your support and sorry for the late reply. We are in different time zones :grinning:
Indeed, I was editing the wrong file. Since I could not find the .hbs file I assumed that it had changed in the latest version of local.
Thanks to your screenshoot I have found and edited the right one. I have adding “skip-log-bin” and it seems that it is no longer creating the large files.
I understand that in the future I have to edit this file for each website that I have in local.
Again thank you so much for your support.

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Nice! I’m glad you figured it out!

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