Local Database eating all disk space


Local Database Eating up all the disk space.

Troubleshooting Questions

  • This is happening with all the sites in local, But the most used site is taking the most of the space.


Import a site through wpengine, Make active developments on that site for couple of days. After couple of days you can see that the database library starts building binlog.ooooo* files in user->library->Application Support->local->run->(random string)(9jLzkHtdq in my case)->mysql->data/ Here you can see that there are a lot of files named as binlog.0000# which is almost 1.07GB per file that’s eating all my space. If i delete any of the file my site stops working and i have to delete the site and take a fresh import again. What’s the fix for this so that local doesn’t create such files ?

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