Head's up! Local's router is having trouble trouble starting

I’ve gone through various threads looking for a solution but to no avail. I just downloaded Mojave for Mac and I came across this error once the download was complete. I’ve tried going through the permissions as described in other threads and I think I’ve changed all the folders with red ’ - ’ symbols to ’ Read & Write '. I’m also fairly certain nothing is running on ports 80 and 443.

Please help I’m trying to get my web dev career started and I’m at crucial stage of this site

Hi @Jacksurfstheweb,

Can you please get the log files for Local along with the Local Router log? See How do I retrieve Local's log file? for details on how to get Local’s log along with the router log file.

local-lightning.log (102.9 KB) error.log (60.6 KB)

I’m hoping these are what you’re looking for



It looks like there are permissions issues with the log file and/or logs directory for the router.

Can you please try the following?

  1. Quit Local if it’s running
  2. Open Terminal.app
  3. Run killall nginx
  4. Run rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Local/run/router/nginx/logs
  5. Re-open Local and start a site

I’m in! Thank you!

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