Help Needed With Getting Remote Access To My Sites

I am new to Local by Flywheel and loving it so far.

I have downloaded it to my home computer, created a site, made it into a blueprint and also successfully exported it to a domain on my non Flywheel hosting site (thanks to an excellent article in the knowledge base)
However, I am still feeling my way, and the area I am having difficulty with is accessing sites when I am away from home.

I have tried logging in by typing the site address in a browser (e.g. http://example.local/wp-admin) with no success.

Is this because the site has stopped running on my home computer? I notice that sites seem to shut themselves down if I have not opened the programme for a while, and I wonder is there any way to stop this?

Or is it necessary to download the software at the remote location in order to view sites? This would seem to be cumbersome and impractical in most cases.

Live Link

I have also tried enabling a live link and sending it to a remote location, and this does allow me to login. However the link expires after a few hours and I am back to square one.

I gather that longer times can be obtained by opening an account at and I have done this.
I have downloaded their file for Windows, unzipped it and attempted to run the command generated on their website, but without success.

Whether the default port they suggest is not the one applicable to my computer I am not sure, but the whole process of trying to get sustainable remote access to my sites seems to be beyond me.

I would be grateful for any assistance, or if someone could point me to an article in the knowledge base which will guide me through the process.

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