So embarrassed to ask this, but [how do I access my Local site files?]

I feel so dumb asking such a basic question, but here goes. I finally got Local Flywheel up and running. I got it because I wanted the advantages of creating websites offline without relying on the internet. Internet in my area is so unreliable. I got WP running and started building my first website with Local Flywheel. But, it doesn’t seem as if I am creating it on my local hard drive. For all I can see, I am creating it on the internet. Am I missing something? Did I neglect to check a dialogue box somewhere or make a certain setting? Or, did I click on something I should not have which sent me into creating the website on the internet?

Again, I feel like an idiot asking this, but I hope someone can set me straight.
Thank you very much.

Have a look in your home directory, in the “Local Sites” folder and all of your files should be there.


Bonus points for clicking in the circled icon. :wink:

Thank you.