HELP! Website imported but shows sample page

Note: I have no prior experience in WordPress or web development in general. So please bear with my mistakes if I can’t make you understand properly.

I made a website on Local and exported and then imported to custom domain using “All in one WP Migration” plugin. Initially it went well. the only problem was that it did not show on mobile. On mobile, it showed a sample page, like it shows when newly WordPress installed. After two days, even on pc and laptop it shows sample page. If I open different pages using direct URL it works fine. It’s just the Home page that shows sample page. Please guide how can this issue be solved.

Hi @abdulmajid

When you’re checking it on mobile does it show the same thing if you’re on WiFi versus just using LTE Data?

There may be some caching in the way. Wherever the site is hosted they might have ways of purging their server cache that could clear this up. There could also be caching stored in a plugin or theme. Here are some examples:

The Flywheel guide to clearing your theme/plugin cache