Help with 'Unable to start the VM: ...VBoxManage.exe startvm local-by-flywhell --type headless failed' error


I am using Windows 10, local-by-flywheel-2-4-6-windows, VirtualBox-5.2.22-126460-Win.

If I do a fresh install of LbF and VirturalBox, everything works fine. The problem starts after Windows shut down/restarts.

When I quit LbF, I first stop all the running projects and then exit LbF, VM on VirtualBox is still running, do a ACPI shutdown will bring LbF in VirtualBox to Power Off. But event LbF in VirturalBox is Power Off, When I shut down Windows, I get the message “Virtualbox Interface has active connections.” I have to force Windows shutdown.

After that, restart Windows, open LbF will get

“Unable to start the VM: c:Program Files\Oracle\VirturalBox\VBoxManage.exe startvm local-by-flywhell --type headless failed:” error


I have done a few circles already, uninstall both LbF and VirturalBox, and delete any remaining files on machine, do a fresh install of VirtureBox and LbF, import my sites. But every time after a Windows shutdown, the problem starts.

Log file attached.
local-by-flywheel.log (63.3 KB)

VBox.log (115.9 KB)

VBoxHardening.log (18.5 KB)

Help please.


I have the same issue, been battling with it for some time to no avail.

Same issue today.
I finished my day of work yesterday, shut down my computer. And opened it up this morning with this issue.

Same here +1

Did anyone figure out how to fix this?

Anyone?? About to go back to XAMPP…

I have the same issue.
Please i need help.

So the current release Local 5.x no longer uses VirtualBox. This error should no longer exist.

Same problem here. Used it all day yesterday. Did a windows 10 update. Now broken. Finally got to use it and it’s already taken away from me. Oh so frustrating. Is there a fix yet or workaround so that at least I’m able to continue working on my local wordpress? Thanks

Ok I installed the latest version of the app - Thank you!. But now I need to migrate all of my sites from Local by Flywheel over to Local. I read through the instructions and it assumes that the old app still works. My old version won’t run at all, so not sure how to go about getting this done. Any suggestions?