Hours of Work Gone - Why does this happen? Any way to restore?

I’ve been using FlyWheel building this project for a while now largely without issue, besides local freezing and randomly shutting down and all the normal pain associated with the product. I didn’t really mind it as it never lost any data.

Last night, however, I put in maybe 6-8 hours of work. I shut my laptop, opened it back up in the morning and continued to work for another 2 hours. Shut my laptop again like normal. Just opened it back up and ALL of that work has vanished.

I hadn’t pushed it back up to flywheel yet and now i’m worried it’s all gone. I’ve read some threads about renaming and reimporting the databases, but honestly more worried that I’ll delete the entire site and have to go through hours of piecing it back together again.

What’s the best course of action? Accept that it’s gone or is there a way to see if I may be able to restore it?

First off, I apologize for the trouble! Lost work definitely sucks. We’ll look into this.

Can you elaborate on this? Where did you make the changes? Did you change files, make changes in WordPress itself, or somewhere else?

Once we know more, we can go from there.

I’ve already redone all the work as I’m on a deadline, but to elaborate:

  • All changes at this point were in WP itself including
  • New posts created (Custom post type)
  • Lots of media uploaded
  • Changes to a lot of pages
  • Etc

Nothing with the actual theme files themselves. Basically just filling in the content.

Got it. So after opening up your laptop all of the work rolled back to a certain point?

Yep, that’s pretty accurate. I can’t remember exactly if the VM was stopped or started at this point though. :disappointed_relieved:

I know you mentioned you didn’t push the site to Flywheel yet. Was the site connected to Flywheel?

Also, do you have any type of automated backup software that could’ve reverted the site?

Thanks for your answers!

Yes, the site was connected to fly wheel. What I really meant is I hadn’t pushed my site up that day or at any point during the 8-12 hour stretch in which my work was lost. I had done dozens of pushes at that point previously.

No automated backup software at that point. Now I’m backing up all the time.

Did you Pull at any point or initiate a Pull and then cancel it?

Better now than never! :sweat_smile:

On a more serious note, better backups are something we’re working on integrating into Local.

Good to hear! Almost threw my laptop through the window : )

No pulls since months ago - only have been pushing things up.

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