How can I access the Local site from another computer on the same network?

I’m aware that Local currently offers Live Links which is a great feature we intend to use. However I’m looking to be able to use Local on a server on our local network to then be able to access the Local site from another computer. We build our sites using a front-end visual builder (Divi) so I don’t need to edit any of the files (and when I do I can do this by remoting into the server which is fine) but I’m not sure how fast this will be over Live Links as I know this connects to the internet rather than staying on your local network which would obviously be much faster.

So I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions/solutions?

Thanks heaps!
Ben Elwood

Hey @benelwoods – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Is the server running in a headless manner? If so, I don’t think that Local will be able to run like this.

If this computer is more like a desktop that you want others to connect to, then it might be possible to do what you’re describing since when using Local’s “Site Domains” feature (enabled by default) then port 80 is being listened to.

This sort of setup will still be annoying because every client computer will need to manually update their hosts file to point to that specific server in order to access it.

Speaking honestly – I don’t think Local is a good fit for this sort of workflow. You’ll likely be much happier spending money on a dev or staging site to manage the remote WP site, along with backups etc.

Local really shines as a way to quickly create and throw away sandbox sites on your Local machine.

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Yeah I thought that might be the case. Thanks for your help!

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