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— When I have a website running by one of my code editors I can access to the website from my phone or iPad, but when it’s running by Local, I can’t. Am I missing something, please help.

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Are you viewing it over a Live Link? Live Links only work when the originating site is running on the host machine. This is the intended functionality. Otherwise, you’d have to set the site up on a Staging or Demo somewhere. For example Flywheel has a free 14 day demo you could use: Demo Site

Hi, thank you for replay.
Honestly, I have no idea what you mean by Live Link, (is this some software, or something?), generally if I got a website running on the local server on my computer( a site that I am working on) in order to access that website (to see if my responsive setting is working correctly) all what I have to do is just to type in my phone or tablet browser my computer IP and port number, something like this (http://computerip:portnumber) and it is working, I was digging around and finally figured that I have to change in Local the format from sitename.local to localhost:10012 (port number), and it was working for a couple of minutes and then stopped again, sometimes Local gives me an error “the server doesn’t match with something” it is really quick popup massage on the very top, really hard to read, anyway, it really inconvenient and causes me time.
I would appreciate any help or advice, thank you.

1 серпня 2023, 10:06:26, від “Nick-B via Local Community” <>:

Live Links is a built-in feature in the Local app to be able to share a version of the site for viewing like with a peer or client for example:

It sounds like for what you’re describing you’d want to change your Router Mode to Localhost. You can do this by going to Preferences>Advanced>Router Mode

Thank you, Live links worked.

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