How to access the website on localwp using another computer or tab?

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HI, i want to access the website on localwp using another computer or tab on a local wifi network in same workplace? normally in other softwares we use, how can we do it for sites on localwp? i tried the above it didn’t work?

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Hi @bilzjkhan

There really isn’t a way to do this with Local. Your best bet is to download the Local app on another machine. You can use our Cloud Backups Add-On to back up the site from Machine A and then import it into Machine B., Or you can manually move a zip file between machines by using the export/import feature.

You can also use our Live Links feature to share a front end view of the website between machines, but this requires the host machine to stay up and running with Local open otherwise the Live Link will close.

Thank you Nick for a prompt reply, the solution you have shared requires an online version of the website, however i want to use local network to access the website, while doing some research i have found that localwp adds an entry in the windows 10 hosts file for the domain, what if we use the domain along with the machine ip over a local network? will that work? i still need to try what are your thoughts?

You might be able to do some trial and error and I believe you could find some threads in our forums here where others have attempted the same. Again, this just isn’t the intended use of Local, so we don’t have any firm documentation or recommendations to provide for this workflow.

Are you trying to collaborate with others within a network and want to be able to share work? Or what is the goal you’re trying to accomplish?

we have our company website that will be running on one pc, and i want employees to use the same over local network with their logins this is purpose, i could i have created different user accounts on windows and provided them access to the website but unfortunately localwp does not have restriction or protection. If its on its not restricted? even you have one click admin access so i can’t block my site or even give access to anyone. it should have been protected, now their is a sign in option but i don’t know if its there for locking it up with user access or online login.

Hi @bilzjkhan

Thank you for the clarification. Again this isn’t the intended use of our application. It’s meant to be for one user to work on developing a WordPress site on their machine. It’s not meant to be a LAN server hosting your internal company website.

There was a similar thread here previously where I’ve shared some links that might help you with alternative solutions: