How can I connect a tool such as MySQL Workbench to my Local site's database?

If you prefer to use a different database tool other than Adminer or Sequel Pro, here’s how you can connect your tool of choice to any site in Local by Flywheel.

As an example, we’ll use MySQL Workbench, but there are many other tools you can use such as DBeaver, HeidiSQL, and Navicat.

  1. Go to the site’s “Database” tab in Local by Flywheel
  2. Create a new connection/favorite in your MySQL tool of choice
    • Use the “Remote Host” in the site’s “Database” tab as the Hostname
    • Use the “Remote Port” in the site’s “Database” tab tab as the Port
    • Use the “Username”, “Password”, and “Database” options from the “Database” tab
  3. Test and save the Connection
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