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How can I forcefully restart the Local by Flywheel VM?

In case Local by Flywheel is failing to start up or sites are unresponsive, you may need to restart the local-by-flywheel VM in VirtualBox.

  1. Open VirtualBox

    • macOS: Press Command + Space and type “VirtualBox” and then press Return to quickly open VirtualBox
    • Windows: Open the Windows start menu and type “VirtualBox” and then press Enter to open VirtualBox
  2. Right-click on local-by-flywheel and click Close » ACPI Shutdown

  3. Wait for the VM to change to “Powered Off…”

  4. If the VM does not change to “Powered Off…” after 5 minutes, repeat step #2 but select “Power Off” instead of “ACPI Shutdown”

  5. Close VirtualBox

  6. Re-open Local

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