Local crashed, doesnt load again

I use local on windows 8.1 and the laptop hanged and I forced a restart through the power button.
Local gave seven error screens in the order attached and will then perpetually stay on ‘starting local machine’. I reinstalled it but the same thing persists.

Any help?

Local Local2 Local3 Local4 Local5 Local6 Local7

Hi @donbee,

Thanks for the screenshots.

Please try the steps here: How can I forcefully restart the Local by Flywheel VM?

Hi @clay, thanks for your help.

The “close” menu is greyed out and inaccessible.

However, when I first launched the VM, I got a notification which is attached as VirtualBox and when I followed it up, I got another, which is attached as VirtualBox2.

Do these have anything to do with my issue?