How do I restore my local site from only a backup folder?

Issue Summary

I only backed up the “Local Sites” folder by dragging it directly to an external usb drive from my old mac, then I wiped the mac and sold it. The following screenshot highlights the only folder I backed up:

Troubleshooting Questions

I’m sorry I was not aware there was a proper way to backup everything. I’m new to WP and Local but I’m learning fast. I searched but didn’t find anybody with this problem.

Is there a way to restore my site only from that “Local Sites” folder stored in my portable usb drive? I verified it and it has all my website files.

I backed-up that folder from Local version 6.4.2
I now have Local version 6.4.3 installed on my new mac.

On my new mac, I created a new site with the same name, login, and password as my previous site. Should I just drag and drop my old “Local Sites” folder from my portable usb drive and replace the existing default one? Could there be any issues with the Socket file name (assuming this new one is different than my original one) or maybe a miss-match issue with my database? (Assuming my database is inside the Local Sites folder… right…? :pleading_face:)

I should also mention that I made a copy of the actual Local app from my Mac’s applications folder before I wiped it. I understand there are “content” files inside the app that I thought maybe were important.

System Details

macOS Monterey
Local 6.2.3 + 6116

I am truly clueless about how to go about this. Any help is highly appreciated! Thank you.


I was able to import my site by directly zipping my site folder and dropping the zip file over Local. Everything seems to work.

Thanks to @Sammunoz for her post. :blush:

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Yess @Newbie - I’m so excited to know that worked for you!

Please don’t hesitate to come back with other questions, happy building.


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