Site will not Cache - Tried multiple options

Hey there,

I’ve tried multiple options to clear the cache on my website, but it doesn’t work. Old topics in the Forum talk about a Dev Mode but this is nowhere in my Local install.

I use Chrome and I’ve done ‘Empty Cache and Hard Reload’ multiple times and my site cache will not clear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Hi, @ben.turner,

Do you know a way to clear the cache?

Thank you!

Hey @HannahB, welcome to the community forums!

It’s hard to say exactly where things are cached. You’re right that older versions of Local had a dev mode, but there isn’t anything like that in the versions of Local above 5.x.

What makes you think that the cache isn’t being cleared? Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Also, can you describe the sort of change you made and where it was made? For example, is it styling changes within the database, or a PHP template file within the theme?

Hey Ben,

Thank you for responding. I scrapped it and started developing on a sub-domain.

I was clearing the cache with a plugin and it typically works when I’m on my live server.

The changes I was making on the page (colors and order of elements) would not change.

It was a template file. Specifically, the Theme Builder in Divi.

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