How do you run a local API on Local?

How do you add and run a local API on Local?

I would like to run Ziptastic version 2 (free) on Local as it is part of a web course I’m following.

Ziptastic V2 returns city and state information for a given zip code, like when you call this URL from your browser for example:

To use Ziptastic V2 locally, the web course makes available a folder containing:

  1. an html and a js file for a sample webpage form, which we’re supposed to use with Ziptastic V2.
  2. Ziptastic V2 files (php I believe) that can be served locally.

The web course says Step 1 is to move the folder into the file directory location from which Local (or any other local web server of choice) serves files. That was easy, so I dropped that folder into User/Local Sites. But unfortunately, the web course then makes it pretty clear that basically Step 2 is do the rest by yourself, and continue when you’re able to make a Ziptastic V2 API call (like the one above) locally. So how?

System Details

Local Version 5.10.5+5403
macOS Big Sur V 11.4
Don’t think I need to provide a Local log file yet for this one

I was able to get this to work using free MAMP by following a video from another webcourse, but I use Local for everything else, so if there is a way to do this in Local, I’d still like to know it, thanks.

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