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How do you sync Production with Local development in Woocommerce sites

I’m creating a WooCommerce website and soon to be live and I´ve been thinking about this scenario.

Monday the site is live and I realize there are 3 plugin updates. I will not go ´cowboy´ and run the plugin updates on production so I pull the site to Local development. I run the updates and oops we have problems. It takes me 3 days to understand the problem , I fix it and I’m ready to push the changes to production. Meanwhile some new posts were published and new orders, hopefully, were created on production site. None of that information is on my Local database, and some of fixes I’ve done in local are on the local database. So mainly the 2 databases are different. I’ve read that merges are not the way to go. So my question is, how do you guys handle this situations? Thanks