How man I share my Local Wordpress site to GitHub?

I would like to ask some questions about the Wordpress site I am working on, but I am not sure how I can provide a working demo for others to download. Does anybody have any idea?

Hi @MarcoL

We have a help article here for working with Local and GitHub

You can always export your site from Local as well, into a zip to share with others that you might be collaborating with. They can then just drag and drop that zip into their own Local app to import it.

Additionally, some hosts like Flywheel offer free Demo Sites. You could move your site into a Demo, free for 14 days, and use that for collaborating. Demo Site

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reply. Yes I followed the steps in the article, but from my understanding that does not export the database. It’s essentially posting your theme files on GitHub or am I wrong? I would like to post the site as a whole including database so i could get suggestions on layout.

Hi @MarcoL -

I’m not sure if this will completely answer your question but we just ran a workshop about Local + GitHub Actions.

The recording isn’t available yet but when it is you can find it at the WPE Builders YouTube channel: WP Engine Builders - YouTube

Sam :green_heart:

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