Pushing Local WordPress website on gitHub

Good day I am new to local and fairly not that proficient with WordPress I have been working on a local site on local and I would like to push it to GitHub pages, it is an ecommerce WordPress website is that possible?

Hi @RebaoneFaithMatlaba

We have a help article to get you started with Github + Local here:

You might also need to refer to Github’s sources here:

Hey thank you for the article but the logic was to basically push it to an existing github repo that has like a live link so I can run this WordPress Website on that existing GitHubRepo?

HERE IS A LOGIC RIGHT : I ALREADY HAVE AN EXISTING WEBSITE CALLED: faithmatlaba.co.za for example and my website faithstore.co.za can have pages like faithmatlaba.co.za/about/ or faithmatlaba.co.za/services or faithmatlaba.co.za/contact ------> so with the local wordpress website I want to push it to the github repo that has my already existing website so it can be something like faithmatlaba.co.za/store

We don’t have a “Push” feature to Github in the sense of Local Connect with WPE or Flywheel to be able to simply click and send your site up. It would be a bit more of a manual process which is why I shared some of the documentation above. Additionally, it sounds like what you’re describing would be a multisite set is that correct?