How to Add Plugins- LocalWP expect tar.gz and not zip


I have installed LocalWP with big hopes. Unfortunately I am very disapointed that the tool
do not have basic functionality to install .zip plugins.

After downloadding

I open LocalWP with only allowing tar.gz. So I unzip .zip and create .tar and tar.gz

So I am choosing Add-Ons, Load from Disk, then choose WooCommerce.tar.gz

Wheel is spinning “installing…” text display.

Then it comes back with an error:
Error installing add-on - “Unable to find package.json in add-on”

This is the latest package from wordpress marketplace.

The same error occur here for this potential user but no answer was given since April…:

Is this project “dead”, If this is the best wordpress development tool stack…
I have no hopes if you cannot even have functionality to install an add-in.

All the best fixing this.

To have capability to add wordpress add-ons should be the number one
on your backlog because without this this tool is not extendable to plug and play

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