Bringing a live site into Local?

Sorry for what is probably a common question, struggled to find it anywhere!

What is the best way to bring a pre-existing live site into Local? It is not hosted by Flywheel currently.

I was originally trying to bring the site locally with MAMP but I’,m struggling to view it locally due to SSL enforcement which I can’t seem to get around.


Funny enough, I’ve just done this.

  1. Use All-In-One Wordpress migration

or to do manually

  1. Create a local WP site using Flywheel (for instance “practice”)
  2. Go into the Database via the Flywheel app and delete the contents
  3. Download the SQL database from your provider
  4. Import the SQL database into the one you removed the data from
  5. In the database ‘Options’ change the web and home URL to correspond with the site you are creating, (http://practice.local)
  6. enter http://practice.local/wp-admin in your browser and away you go.
    By the way I’m still work in progress here.

It’s not documented for some reason (that I’ve seen) but there’s an even easier way Oursteve. See Clay’s response here about dragging and dropping a zip file. That’s how I do it. Easy peasy. How can I import a site into Local by Flywheel