How to create a website with only the core requirements?

Issue Summary

I went through a lot of resources and they all tell me how to get started with a website on Local. However, the website the software creates has a lot of files in it which are essentially useless to me. The database is full of dummy data and the entire website behaves like a blog.

I want to create a portfolio website, but I have no clue how to remove all the extra stuff without breaking the installation.

Is there a way to set up a website with only the core necessary files? It seems like a simple enough request, but no matter what I search the results only point towards the “Getting Started” tutorials.

All those files are needed by WordPress to work, all those extra stuff you will like to remove will break your site.

If you want a simple website, then you would need HTML/CSS to create the simplest of site but still would need some kind of content management system so you can easily update your portfolio (in the backend) with new work to show in your front end.

You can look at Squarespace, it’s easier to get something up with that than WP which is what brought you to this site.

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