How to Create Child Theme in Local

Hey all, I am very new to the Local environment. Just curious how I can setup a Child theme for my website within Local? Is this even possible?



It’s simple, on your mac

  1. go to ~/Sites/your-site/app/public/wp-content/themes
  2. create a folder for your child theme
  3. create a child theme in the new folder
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Hi - I’m also curious about child themes.

I imported a site into Flywheel local using the duplicator plugin with a child theme all set up etc, however when I look at the site path on my mac the child folder doesn’t appear under the themes directory but themes which I haven’t got do!

I’ve got them under documents/flywheelwebsites/your-site/app/public/wp-content/themes

The weirdest thing is that the site looks fine and I can see my theme and child theme in the WP Dashboard area.

What might be going on here? I would have thought if the child theme doesn’t appear in the path directory then it shouldn’t work?? Or have I set it up incorrectly?


Hi @izzyw, can you check and make sure that the site isn’t redirecting to another local site?

hey dear i am facing same problem have you got answer for this


its silly mistake
i havent logged in local flywheels admin using wp user id and password

I am having the same problem, and I only have one local site. I created a child theme in the correct folder, following the instructions on the Local by Flywheel training videos on LinkedIn learning. Then I clicked on Admin, and when I go to the admin site, there is no child theme. It’s been over a day and it hasn’t shown up.

I can’t tell what’s going on. Does clicking on Admin in Local not take me to a local site, but to my regular site? What is the point of that? Why won’t it appear? Thank you.

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