How to create multiple sites on same WPEngine connection

I’m new to LocalWP.
I’ve connected to WPEngine and i’m able to pull on site from that connection.
On that connection I have multiple environment (production and development).

I would like to be able to pull both sites in parallels to work on them, is it possible to do so?
Pulling both environment at the same time?

This was a free feature up until the latest major release (which coincidentally coincided with the launch of their “Pro” account subscription option. The functionality is removed from the UI and I don’t seem to be able to simultaneously connect to 2 environments within the same site anymore.

As a heavy user of the WPEngine API, I’m quite frustrated with Local and that WP Engine has adopted Local as the exclusive WPE API user solution, while Local gave us free features, then took them away. I’m a huge WPEngine supporter, but I’m ready to go back to WPE Devkit

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