Add ability to keep logged in into few different accounts on WPEngine at the same time

As title. I work with multiple in my work and it’s extremely annoying to be switching around the accounts all the time. Please, make it possible to stay connected to few API Keys at the same time.

Hey @SippingHenn – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

There’s a few feature requests along the lines of what you are describing:

In general, you shouldn’t be accessing the remote sites with your client’s API login credentials. Instead, you should create a user account on WP Engine and then have your clients add this user to their site as is outlined in this reply to one of the above topics:

Can you try that workflow and let us know if that allows you to access those accounts? If I’m missing something about this workflow, I’d love to know more to get a better idea for ways to improve Local’s connection to WP Engine!