How to edit my.cnf

Hi to all.
How to change the option “only_full_group_by” in MySQL?
Local WP doesn’t allow to change settings in the my.cnf
Thank you

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seconding this. I need to turn off STRICT_TRANS_TABLES

Hey @Oleksandr , Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Each Local site has a conf folder that includes the configuration files. These files are .hbs files that need to be compiled into the actual configuration files, but you should be able to put those settings into place by doing:

  1. Stop the site in Local
  2. Edit and save the handlebar file. For MySQL, that’s located in sitename/conf/mysql/my.cnf.hbs
  3. Start the site in Local to compile the configuration file

@tkdennis and @Oleksandr Can you give that a shot and let me know how it goes?

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