How to enter on my web LOCAL using another device in my red IP

Some time before, I used xampp and I entered writing but now I can’t ERROR 404

Hey Batussai,

Do you still have xampp installed on your computer? If so, you may need to use Local’s localhost setting for accessing your sites. That option is in Local > Preferences > Advanced > Router Mode drop down. This switches from viewing the site over http://myweb.local to something like http://localhost:10003

It’s also possible that you just need to remove from your address bar to view your site.

I want to have the local host on my PC.

and access the web from my mobile

In that case, have you tried using Live links?

Those would be available in either of the Router modes and would create a link that lets you view the site on your mobile device.

yes, but I only want it on my local wifi.

and thank you so much for everything

finaly , i have use WAMPSERVER thx

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