How to get url of a local web page

The pages on my site have embedded web pages on them (iSpring presenter files- which are basically a powerpoint conversion). On the live site I my ftp client gives the url of the uploaded files, which I use in an iframe.

How do I find the equivalent URL for the files on my local site?
I’ve tried copying the address from the browser window when the page is viewed from the wordpress folder, but this does not work.

If you’re wanting a URL that anyone can access your local site with, you’ll want to create a Live Link. Please note, this link will change every time you re-enable the Live Link or relaunch Local.

Thanks for the help. Sorry I did not explain myself more clearly.
I’m embedding some static sites (hosted on the same server space as the WordPress install) onto WordPress pages. The sites are html5 versions of PowerPoint presentations.
I’ve sorted out the problem though, by looking at how the addresses are structured in my live site, which has this working.

In case some one else has the same lack of knowledge, and needs to do something similar:
I was using the full file path. What I actually need to do is use only the part of the path that refers to the database, and add the site address at the begining. I added the site folder of the content to a sub folder within wpcontent - the parts of the path which show where wpcontent is found on my hard drive needed to be removed.

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