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I’m experiencing ‘‘local business’’ demands* with LocalWP :slightly_smiling_face:
Local Business (midsize) asking for a localwp solution (not on the web) for education, collaboration on specific internal project.

Fist → It says on localwp site that Live Links turns a locally-built site into a working test environment with editable credentials. It says also - > Send direct links to clients and coworkers with just a few clicks.

My Questions is simple :slight_smile:
Will partners & coworkers will be able to browse and navigate a localwp (localhost) website easily like any other (non-localhost) website out of the box ?

  • If not possible is there a paid solution / paid add-on that make browsing all webpages, menu, etc … a localwp (localhost) website ?

Hi @fcpro

Live Links just provides the end user a “front end” experience so they will be able to view the website and click around but they won’t actually be able to “log in” say to the WordPress dashboard and make changes or anything like that if you’re trying to share the website with peers.

More about our Live Links feature is here:

An alternative option could also be to move the site to a Staging or Demo environment hosted somewhere. For example Flywheel has free 14 day demos you could use: Demo Site

I’m already hosted else where. Is there a way to connect localwp to my hostinger.fr hosting ?
If not possible from Localwp I might have to follow hostinger’s tutorial :frowning:


  • Localwp is such a great tools and well done from our perspective (me & local biz client) ! WIll you add more Hosting provider in near feature ?

The short answer is that at this time Local Connect is only available for WP Engine and Flywheel. That being said we are exploring possibilities for making moving sites to other platforms easier! So more to come there.

For now there are many different ways you can go about getting a site out and migrated to your host using different plugins (we recommend WP Migrate DB) or manual methods. That will be more dependent on what is best for you as far as a workflow.

Ok thank you !!!
BTW, I see a real interest with Local WP and local midsize business when it comes with internal needs with few free plugins → knowledge base, in-house training with quiz etc …
I personally love Local WP

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Thank you @fcpro! If you have any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach back out. We are always happy to help!

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