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How to migrate Local pages from one to another computer

I got a new laptop. And so I have to migrate all my clients sites.
I want to introduce a new structure, not only use a backup as a starting point.

Am I right that I will have to export every single site from local and import it to the new computer?

There is no way to reestablish an existing setup from the file system alone. Meaning when I migrate all the folders to my new computer, install local - than I can’t let local figure out the setup just by pointing it to the folder - it needs to have an import file to “figure it out”.

Would it be possible to have a config file that optionally can be exported to a directory so the export-import can be speeded up?

The export will include all files in the site folder, right?
I sometimes add a folder for notes aside of “app”, “conf”, “log”

I like the capsulated structure of local but would wish to have an easier time move projects. Likely that is just a technical requirement of local as paths and routes are registered etc.

hey, if you haven’t found a solution then one thing you can do is copy all the files in \Appdata\Roaming\Local folder as I assume all the configuration are there and also the host file.

Do this after installing Local in the new system.

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