How to move website from one pc to another

Just wondering how to move Local website from one PC to another (sorry newbie)?

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There’s probably a few options, and I’ve moved your topic to the “Workflow” category in case others want to chime in on how they approach this.

In my mind there are two main way:

  1. Use the Cloud Backups add-on and your cloud provider of choice (currently Google Drive, and we’re fixing Dropbox soon!). This will allow you to create backups on one machine and restore the site on another machine. That process looks something like what’s discussed here: Restore from Laptop to Desktop

  2. The other option if you don’t want to deal with setting all of that up – Right-click on the site you want to move, and select “Export”. This will give you a zip file that you can move to the other computer. To import that site, just drag-and-drop the zip onto Local of the second computer.

Note that in both cases, these are separate sites, which means that they won’t automatically stay in sync, but if all you need is to get the site over to a different machine, that should get you going!

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