How to migrate to

Hey everyone,

I could not find any information about this. How do i migrate from Flywheel local to


Right now the best way is to have our Happiness Engineers perform the migration for you! :grinning:

Here’s how:

  1. Right-click on your site in Local and export it.
  2. Fill out this form and provide the zip export

If you want to perform a manual migration I recommend creating a backup of your Local site using Duplicator. Then, upload the Duplicator backup and the installer.php file to your Flywheel site and run installer.php

Hello Clay, I have attempted to perform migration (duplicator plugin) to local without success. Site ftp access is not working with local credentials provided (filezilla). I have also placed files in root directory and when attempting to open, I just get text…no prompt for installer. Please advise, thank you.

Hi @zocky,

You can take the Duplicator zip and drop it onto Local’s main window to import it.

If you wish to use Duplicator’s installer.php file then you’ll need to:

  1. Delete all of the files in the site’s app/public folder
  2. Move in the Duplicator package and installer.php files to app/public
  3. Visit the site’s domain and add /installer.php to import the package. You should be accessing something similar to
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