Live site to local w/ duplicator 2-part


I understand that normally you can just drag and drop the .zip to create a local install on flywheel. Unfortunately, I had to do a 2-part as the standard would only fail

So I have the installer.php file and using FTP I copied the public_html folder from the live site. How should I set this up locally?

edit: the download wasn’t downloading the zip file from duplicator which I now have. Tried dropping the zip onto locals main menu but this is an error and says to extract manually.


Managed to solve it after fiddling around today. For anyone else, I ditched the installer.php file and zipped everything inside of the public_html file (wp_content, etc) with the database.sql file and then dragged and dropped.

Still interested though, when I tried to use the installer.php and input the database info from local by flywheel it would just refuse to connect.

Hi @geelie,

Glad you got it sorted!

What database info did you use? For scripts like installer.php that are running in the site container you’ll want to use the Host and Port options rather than the Remote Host and Remote Port options.