How to preview the local site on mobile or other devices !?

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Hey there, just trying out local for wp setup and it’s really great, I would like to know how I can preview the site on another device which is connected via same network ( just like how we can connect to live server on vs code )

I’m running on latest version of local on windows machine !

Thanks for the help in advance and let me know if more info is required!

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Hi there @serifValley - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

So happy you are here & that you are enjoying Local.

You can accomplish this by using Live Links - here is a helpful doc about how to use this feature:

Simply create a Live Link, then head to that on your mobile device, fill in the pop-up credentials & you’ll be able to see your site.

Also, that URL will be accessible to anyone on the internet if you wanted to send it out.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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