how to restore mainpage URL address?

So basically I am trying to figure out LAMP. I installed wordpress locally on the machine, let’s say, with ip address. The site folder is in /var/www/html/wordpress/. Everything worked fine until I decided to change the local address from to to remove this /wordpress from the address.

So I went to Options – General and changed both Home and SiteURL and of course blocked myself out of the site. I tried a lot of different stuff and my current progress is that I had to specify my WP address in every possible document just to get to the homepage.
I added to each and every file possible: to the database, to wp-config.php, to functions.php.

So I get to the homepage by typing into the browser but I don’t see the admin bar, I can’t login and I can’t access any settings page, I get 404 error. I understand that I have to restore the links beetween plugins, elements and everything else. But how do i do that?

Here’s the screenshot:

Does this have something to do with Local?