How to solve "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance"?

I am using windows 10
Local Version 9.0.1+6673

It is realy frustrating seeing again and again " Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute." error and not to find any response…

I did everything to fix this, the top solution is to delete the hidden “.maintenance” file but there is no such file and I knew this before using Local. I don’t know other solutions. I am deciding to get rid of Local and use online hosting it takes lots of my time really.

Hey @patzu – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Can you give a little more detail about what’s going on? Some specific questions:

  • Where exactly are you seeing this message?
  • What things were happening on the site before seeing this message?
  • Are there any errors showing up in the Local Log? You can find the Local Log by following the steps in this help doc: Retrieve Local’s Log File - Local