Under maintenance mode for a local site


I am on windows and I have installed the Local app. After a week or so the site that I was working on and it was almost done is showing an error and the site is showing “We’re updating our website. Please check back soon.”

Usually, when that happens, WordPress creates a .maintenance file and puts it in the main directory, and deleting that file takes care of the problem but that file does not exist.

How can I turn this off? It looks like a bug in your local app and it is making my website inaccessible.

How can I fix this?


Hey @Vahid23

That’s definitely odd. If WordPress breaks due to the .maintenance file, it will give this error instead:

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

but the error message you’re seeing is:

We’re updating our website. Please check back soon.

Do you have any maintenance mode plugins that are installed and might be causing problems?