How to test upgrading PHP before putting into production

I am concerned about the knife-switch over to PHP 7 from PHP 5.6 on Flywheel starting on Aug 1, 2017. My plug-ins and custom PHP might make it, but what if they don’t?!!

So I installed Local. Very cool interface o VirtualBox and Docker.

I downloaded a backup of my live site from Flywheel and imported it into Local. Worked like a charm.

Now how do I upgrade PHP?


If you opted for the ‘preferred’ build I’m not sure you can upgrade it in place. If you select the ‘custom’ option during site creation/installation you can select the PHP level you desire during setup, and you’ll also find an option in the site settings to alter it thereafter.

Yup. using custom worked. I accepted all the defaults, except setting the SQL version to being the same as on my live site.

When I viewed the site, I got several PHP errors. I’m glad I took the trouble to build a test site!

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PHP 7.1 in the Preferred environment is coming soon :slight_smile:

For now we recommend testing PHP 7.0+ by exporting the site and then re-importing it in Custom with PHP 7.x.