How to upload a new Theme


Could anyone assist in advising on how to upload a new theme .zip file ?

Each time I try I get an error message css stylesheet missing.

If I unzip and try to upload just the theme .zip file I get a message router unable to communicate with server, contact us ?

Many thanks


Does the Local Router Error show immediately or does it show after it’s been uploading for a while?

In the meantime, you can always manually install the theme by extracting it to the wp-content/themes folder in the site’s app/public folder. To access the site’s folder, click on the circled arrow beside the site path under the site name in Local.

Hello Clay,

Thanks for the response. In answer to your question :

There are three types of error:

  1. The message says there is a missing css stylesheet.

  2. The message says that the installation failed because it is incomplete.

  3. After some time - the error message about the router not being able to contact the site appears.

If I try again after the third message then I get an error message to say the folder already exists and have to I delete it before starting the cycle all over again.

I tried a new Wordpress installation just for kicks and the same thing happened, so I deleted the new installation.

I’ll try a direct drag and drop and let your team know.


Hello Clay,

Respecting the drag and drop: same as when I tried yesterday - this error message was the result - do you know if there is any way around it ?

folder in use.png

Hello Clay,

Just to update you - as was so kindly suggested, I tried the drag and drop again but in a different order just to see what would happen.

This time I opened the desktop folder with the unzipped file in it first.

Then clicked on the circled arrow in Flywheel Local, which opened the folder where the theme should go.

I tried dragging the unzipped file into the correct theme folder and it worked !

I’m checking the site now, the theme is there now and it has activated as well as accepted the license key.

Strange incident resolved.

Many thanks for the assistance;-)


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