I am not able to view my individual posts. I am just starting or learning so these are 2 practice posts that i can view when i click on all posts, but when i try and view them individually i just see a blank screen. try going there so you’ll see what i mean http://amzing-college.local/my-first-post/. Thank you very much for any help you can point my way.

Any site with the domain extension .local, or any site that you run in Local for that matter can only be accessed on the machine on which Local is installed.

Thank you,
I am using another dashboard with siteground and i can view my post as well as edit them. i am just wondering why i can edit my posts on flywheel local, but not view them?

I solved the problem. It was a php file with no content in it.

Hello stevenmunro

The problem was solved. It was a php file with no content that w/p was accessing.